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the highest quality of teaching

For those who want to get the best they can from every moment in life and every dollar spent on education, we are introducing a special course with tutors with ‘perfect 800’ GMAT scores worldwide and the best GMAT teachers from Russia. Moreover, we provide the strongest curriculum and support for MBA admission before and after the course.

Mon, Tue, Fri 19:00-22:00
Sat 18:30-21:30

Course length
60 hours

Access to online platform
5500+ problems, 4 CAT tests

Mobile devices

Only 8 places are still available. Make sure you’ll be one of them!

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We ensure that our instructors are the very best

You will get professional support with our best tutors and international experts with a perfect GMAT scores. Moreover, you will work with an adaptive system to create the personal tasks according to your own level.

800 score tutor


  • Custom-made for native Russian-speaking students. Toughest Verbal sections
  • Shortcuts and strategies from perfect-score GMAT experts, and solution techniques from the best Russian GMAT tutors
  • Valuable personalized strategies
  • An ultra-effective 60-hour course specifically tested and optimized for maximum results. We don’t believe in 30-hour courses that use only hints-and-shortcuts approaches to teaching; our students with 700+ scores are proof of MBA Strategy’s effectiveness.

Focus on MBA
and GMAT

  • Our dedicated team specializes in the GMAT. We have spent our time, energy and resources developing strategies specific to the GMAT's unique content. This targeted focus ensures that MBA Strategy offers the most effective GMAT course available for Russian test-takers.
  • Only at MBA Strategy you will find GMAT tutors as well as top application consultants. Ask them for a free consultation.


65 000 RUR


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